Different, Better, More Magical

Different, Better, More Magical that’s our family motto. Learn something Different today to apply to a Better tomorrow so your life will be More Magical in the future, is one way to think about it.

My wife, best friend, and partner helps people this way.

Helping you think about your time DIFFERENT

so you can use it BETTER

and live


A More Magical Life is what we are striving for, and I hope to pass on to YOU the lessons learned I’ve learned throughout my life and the new failures I learn from in future.


Maybe much like you, I too struggled, and still struggle with many things, alcohol, drugs, balancing family life with work, and trying to break bad habits. In the 1990s I was a Commercial Fisherman working hard with bloody knuckles and a can of beer. In the early 2000s finished 4 years in the Marine Corps and setup shops as a small business manager and owner. One of my lowest points was going through a divorce, later I was able to find my best friend for life, and wife Heather. I rebuilt my life with 6 years of college and since 2009 I have been studying and practicing Cyber Security, all with a bottle of Scotch at my side until recently.


Recently I’ve done some crazy shit. Not only did I quit the Scotch, I quit my 6-figure job to peruse 2 new companies Zealous Dad LLC, and File Reputation LLC. One to feed a need for the Computer Security industry and another to hopefully put food on the table and share my lessons learned. This site is a work in progress, so come back every so often to follow my journey and learn my story and mistakes.

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